Education – foundation stone of every professional

Anything, be it an act or a written fact, that helps to formulate a civilized thought, memory or mental development can be included under the term education. To explain in simpler words, education outlines the pattern on which life can be made better, teaching us not only the ways to earn money but also the ways in which we can act and cope with the daily problems of life.

The history of education is as old as the earth itself. The earliest man learned how to grow crops and hunt animals, and passed on this talent to his generations. Then, when the human race spread and reached Greece and Rome, philosophers like Plato, Aristotle and Socrates took birth and a revolution began. At the same time, a Renaissance had been already underway in different parts of Arabia, Iran and other Muslim countries. These scholars studied and researched and created libraries that are still unparalleled. Their disciples became mentors of the future, and thus the knowledge transferred, surviving amidst hostility of those who were unwilling to accept new things. Nevertheless, the world of education progressed, reaching its peak when Newton and Einstein gave formulae upon which the entire foundation of physics was laid. However, man soon discovered that education does not have a single peak to climb; there are peaks upon peaks, and so we find ourselves still toiling upwards to find all that still remains hidden.

Every profession in this world requires education of some sort; some even requiring examinations for which people take initiatives like enrolling in an IELTS preparation course in Dubai. A doctor has to spend his entire life studying about diseases, latest cures and latest surgical procedures, and so forth. An engineer needs to know every nook and cranny of physics to design a bridge and prevent it from collapsing into the water underneath. A chef needs to know about nutrition and tastes, and how to present his dish to attract the customers. The list rambles on and on, proving that education has become indispensable nowadays. The world today has virtually limitless access to huge amounts of information, resulting in a fiercer competition in almost every profession. In addition, as the Internet remains to be the core resource of information for today’s current generation of professionals, while older, more experienced people continue to rely on libraries and books, there is no justifiable reason for a professional to lag and be left behind with the most recent developments in the world. Those that do not simply do not survive.

Education strengthens our mind and sharpens our skills. It imparts confidence and color to one’s personality, making him or her appear decent and civilized. It teaches how and what to speak on what occasion, and thus helps us form friends or foes; it teaches us the skills of diplomacy to expand our business and public image. Education provides the basic information required to earn a decent amount of money in this era of ridiculous inflation, and is thus what makes us independent of everyone else, helping us cope with our problems on our own. It is just as what Darwin predicted when he stated that everyone who survives is actually the fittest; those who lack the abilities will simply get destroyed by time. Visit for more information.