Lawyers in Dubai: Types and Specialisation

The judicial and legislative system in the UAE is unique from that of other countries. A foreign legal consultant is likely to be unfamiliar with UAE laws, even if backed with years and years of professional experience abroad. If you are in need of professional legal assistance, you must first understand the different legal advocates in the UAE and their specific specialties.

Business Lawyers

Business lawyers concentrate on the legalities of commercial and corporate transactions. They provide legal advice regarding the effect of UAE laws, rules, and regulations on business establishments and operations across the country. Business lawyers can be tasked to provide expert assistance in designing, preparing, reviewing, and finalising transactions between two corporate entities, whether local or international, across a diverse array of industries.

Real Estate Lawyers

Real estate lawyers specialise in the legal aspects of real estate transactions. They help clients understand the coverage and implications of a real estate contract, including acquisition of a property title. In addition, real estate lawyers are also responsible for preparing and registering the legal documentation needed to finalise a transaction, as well as screening the papers that the client has to sign to ensure that there are no unfavourable clauses included in the contracts.

Divorce Lawyers

Dissolving a marriage is a complicated and long-winding process in the UAE. Aside from the couple engaged in the divorce, there is also the aspect of child custody to sort out, if they have children. Divorce lawyers in Dubai can help the two parents resolve any legalities involved in the divorce process, including custodial duties towards children borne out of the marriage.

Criminal Lawyers

In Dubai, being accused of a crime can have a severe impact on your career and personal life. Aside from the stressful ordeal of being brought to the station for questioning, there is also your personal file, which could be stained by a criminal record if you are wrongly accused. Criminal lawyers assist individual accused of crimes by providing legal advice and representation in front of judicial courts. Expert Dubai criminal lawyers are capable of understanding provisions and clauses derived from Shariah law.

Knowing who you can turn to for professional advice regarding legal matters is crucial to arriving at a beneficial outcome for you and yours. Make sure you understand the different specialties of lawyers in Dubai, so you can choose the right expert when the time comes.