Questions That Can Help You Choose the Best Personal Fitness Trainer

Are you thinking of hiring a Dubai personal trainer? These questions can help you choose the professional who will fit your fitness preferences.

What are his/her fitness specialties?

If you already have a fitness program in mind, choose a personal trainer who specializes in that specific program. For example, if you prefer to do yoga, you have to go to a certified yoga instructor rather than someone who focuses on aerobics.  On the other hand, if you prefer a fitness program that covers different types of exercises, then choose a fitness instructor who can do strength training, cardio, CrossFit and pilates altogether.

How much is his/her professional fee?

Budget is a big factor in our decisions. Make sure that the professional fee of the trainer is reasonably priced. A good tip is to choose a trainer who lives near your desired workout location to save up on transportation charges. If he/she works for a fitness company, check the rates of the company to determine if it’s within your budget.

How fast is the progress of his/her other clients?

Inquire about his/her current clients. Review their progress to help you determine if the trainer is effective or not. You may also ask or check on his previous clients to gain honest reviews about the fitness trainer – his/her character, work ethics and the way he/she motivates the client towards the goal.

Can he/she adjust to your preferred workout schedule and location?

Choose someone who can surely commit to workout with you on you preferred dates, time and location. Do not compromise your most available dates to adjust to the trainer’s available dates to avoid numerous cancelled workout sessions.

How long has he/she been working as a personal fitness trainer?

Another thing that you have to consider is his/her length of experience. Choose someone who has a proven track record in terms of helping clients lose weight or get into a healthy lifestyle. The trainer should also be able to demo the workouts regardless of age.

Is he/she representing a company or the trainer works on his/her own?

It’s better if the fitness trainer works for a gym, a fitness organization or an online fitness training programs provider. This way, you can be sure of his/her commitment since his/her income comes from the organization. Also, it’s easier to communicate with an organization because they follow standard policies, terms and agreements.

We hope you’ll be able to find the perfect match. All the best on your journey to fitness!