5 Major Reasons You Should Take PTE Academic Test

Are you in the throes of seeking out a viable English proficiency test? If so, we recommend the Person Test of English, which has carved a niche in the world of myriad proficiency tests available for international students. Launched in 2009, this test is relatively new when compared to already established tests out there. Even though TOEFL and IELTS have had the prestige of holding a globally hegemonic position for years, PTE-A exam is also gaining popularity quickly. In such a short amount of time, it has become quite popular with international students. Here’s why you should also consider taking the exam:

  • PTE-A Exam Is Entirely Computer-Based

What really makes PTE exam so popular with students is that it is completely computer-based, alleviating the involvement of humans at all. For instance, all speaking tests are conducted via a headset in the speaking module, and the answered by recorded on computer. In a similar fashion, all tasks in the writing module have to be typed out. Therefore, PTE-A exams are specially beneficial for students who have a knack for computer technology. In addition, the Reading and speaking modules consist of Blanks/MCQ types of questions as well as other theoretical ones. If you possess excellent logical/analytical reasoning skills, this is the right exam choice for you. Click here to know more about the myriad test modules.

  • Wider Availability Of Test Dates

As you can check on the PTE official website, the test is held on every day of the week, to make it convenient for everyone. As there are numerous PTE centers spread around the globe, you don’t even have to wait out long durations or go to great pains to book the date of your choice.

  • Quick Result Time

Tired of waiting for results all your life? The great news is that you get glean your PTE test results within 5 working days on mail. If you are short on time to start your VISA process, this test would make sure you don’t pace restlessly around for your results.

  • Transparent Marking System

To check your test answers, state-of-the-art intelligent machines are employed by the organization. To introduce an element of transparency in the marking system, predefined guidelines are used for markings. Absence of human raters alleviates the risks of error or a biased score. Your scores will remain on the website for up to two years.

  • Worldwide Acceptance

Perhaps the most redeeming feature of PTE is that its scores are recognized in more than 6000 organizations worldwide, including employers, government, immigration, and educational. Approximately 80% educational institutes encourage PTE scores in Australia, Canada, UK, and US.