How To Surprise Your Dad For Father’s Day

Our dads have a special place in our hearts. But most of the time, we cannot find the right words to express our gratitude and love to them.

This coming Father’s Day, let him know how much you value their presence by doing the following things:

  1. Cook for him


Most of the time, your mom does all the cooking in the house, especially if you are living separate from your parents. And if your mom is not around to cook him dinner, he would probably subsist to take outs and fast food deliveries, which is unhealthy. This Father’s Day, try to do something nice to them by cooking their favorite meal. Cooking for him would send a message that you care for him in a special way. If you don’t know his favorite meal, try to introduce him to a new dish.


  1. Buy him a cake

Some people think that buying a cake is a little old fashion. But as old fashion as it may seem, this is still effective. Treat him with some excellent bake goods from an online cake delivery in Abu Dhabi. But don’t just buy any cake. Try to give it a new twist by sending a special message or including a basket of all his favorite treats. If you can have the cake customized, the better.

  1. Treat him to see a game


For dads who loves sport, nothing can make them happier than watch the game live. Try to book two tickets to their favorite game and give them the front seat. If you cannot accompany your dad, ask their best friend to go with him to the game. Your dad will be thrilled to watch the sports live and have the chance to interact with the players. If you can give him a VIP access, then it would be twice as great.


  1. Setup a romantic dinner


Not for you, but for your mom and dad. Your parents probably think that they are too old for romantic dates and dinners. But going out will probably give them the time to reminisce their love and renew their devotion to one another.


  1. Send him to a spa


Dads are not quite into spas, unless it is part of their culture and routine. But try to convince your dad to try it out. Maybe you or your mom can accompany him to the spa. Once he experience the healing massage and other body treatments, he will surely make it a habit to attend one.

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