Make spring cleaning easier with these handy tips

Every year, we do spring cleaning for our homes. For most, it is almost like a ritual, a tradition that must be kept year in and year out. But spring cleaning is more than just a mere tradition. While it may seem trivial, spring cleaning is actually very important. According to psychologists, spring cleaning is symbolic to starting anew. It reminds us to take out the clutter that is causing stress in our lives and refocus on the good things that have been hidden under the extemporaneous fluff of our everyday problems. It also helps in relieving stress and improving our mood.

That is why it is all the more important to do your spring cleaning with diligence. Yes, you can always hire professional house cleaning services and sofa cleaning services to help with the clean-up. But if you feel like doing it yourself, here a few helpful tips to get you started.

  1. Scrub up your carpets and upholstery

Your carpets and upholstery serve you well, keeping you and your visitors comfortable while providing aesthetic balance to your home. However, over time fabrics may come to collect and harbour bacteria, dirt, and body oil that need to be rinsed off to prevent the spread of germs and disease in the house. that is why it is important to deep clean them during spring cleaning. Shampoo your carpets and upholstery to rid the fabric of dirt, grime, and other foreign materials. Be careful that you don’t damage or discolour the material by testing the shampoo on an inconspicuous area first, before using it on the entirety of the fabric. Air drying indoors may take a while. If you want to speed up the process, you can open the windows and let the air in.

  1. Clean up your woodwork

While they do not seem particularly dusty, walls also collect dirt and dust over time. As such, it is essential to also wash your walls, cabinets, and other woodwork around the house. Remember that wood naturally absorbs water, so avoid using water excessively. Instead, use a sponge and some mild dishwashing soap mixed with water. This will allow you to lightly rinse off the dust build-up without damaging the wood material. Carefully, wash the woodwork in sections, working your way from top to bottom. That way, the runoff will not sully the clean-up work you’ve already done. For areas that are difficult to reach, you can use a sponge mop. Don’t forget to wring excess water from your mop periodically. Once you’re done, you can wipe dry your wood panels with a dry, clean cloth.

If you don’t feel like doing spring cleaning on your own, visit our site today and ask for a quote!